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FAQ InternetVue EV2100 & EV2020

1.What type of video resolutions does InternetVue support?

InternetVue 2020's ComponentInternetVue 2020's CompositeInternetVue 2100's DVI & VGA2.What type of full motion video quality does internetVue support?

With the right computer equipment (meets minimum system requirement), InternetVue products support 30 frames per second (fps) at 24-bit color depth of full motion video at 640 x 480 resolutions.

3.What type of audio quality does InternetVue support?

InternetVue products support stereo audio playback via a 3.5mm stereo audio jack.

4.What is the difference between internetVue 2000 and internetVue 2100?5.Does internetVue support duplication / mirror video mode and extension mode?

InternetVue products support mirror / duplication modes in Windows XP and Vista. They support extension mode in Windows XP but not in Vista. (Native Windows Vista does not support extension mode.)

6. What is the difference between InternetVue and Addlogix EchoView?

Both products offers similar functions. However, InternetVue products offer better full motion video playback than EchoView.

7. What is the difference between InternetVue and Media Extender / Digital Media Adapter (DMA)?

Unlike Digital Media Adapter, InternetVue products is codec independent, so it allows any PC content to be viewed on any display wirelessly. Unlike InternetVue products, Digital Media Adapters or Media Extenders do not allow:

DVD playback from computer's integrated DVD player
Streaming internet video (
Webcast (,
Internet browsing
Check emails
Compose office documents

8. What video players are supported?

InternetVue products support various media player. InternetVue products support players that use DirectDraw. It does not support players that use DirectShow. If you run into issues during media playback, please try WinDVD 6 or Media Player Classic version You can download this player at:

9. Can the internet be accessed while the PC is transmitting to InternetVue?

InternetVue products allows user to access the internet through

1) direct ethernet cable connection to the computer,

2) direct ethernet cable connection to the InternetVue, or

3) a wireless access point / router.

Please note the following special cases:

The Ethernet port on board can have DHCP enabled or static IP address. This can be done within the InternetVue software application.
Port 80 must be open on the LAN to allow internet access.
Port 21 should be open on the LAN to allow firmware updates via the internet.

10. Does InternetVue support Windows Vista?

Currently, InternetVue products support Windows Vista, but it requires a few "manual steps", and it does not support extension mode (due to lack of native support within Windows Vista). Additional software will be released that offer better software integration within Vista.

11. What is the minimum system requirement for InternetVue?

InternetVue's minimum system requirements are:

Operation System:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (SP4)
Windows XP Home / Professional Edition (SP2)
Windows Vista
Computer Hardware:

Pentium 4 or M > 1.5 Hz (Dual-core commended best optimal performance)
512MB of RAM
802.11 b/g capability (built-in or external adapter) (802.11g is required for full motion playback)
10MB free hard drive space

12. Does InternetVue support Mac OS?

InternetVue does not support Mac OS. However, it will run on Intel-based Mac's running Bootcamp and Microsoft Windows XP.

InternetVue products allow DVD playback from the computer's integrated DVD player.