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1. I had a Panasonic AG-DVX100 camera, but the REC button does not control CitiDISK to record.

The Panasonic AG-DVX-100 DV control function is set not as ON as default. Here is the step to turn it back on:
1. Set camera to "Camera" mode.
2. Press "Menu" to enter "menu" mode.
3. Select "Other function", scrool down to "DV control" sub-function and select "BOTH".
4. Press "Menu" to exit the menu mode.
Now the camera is ready to control CitiDISK recording now.

1. This is just a warning message due to the video file is not captured by FCP 5.0, no harm at all.
2. No such warning message in FCP 4.5.
3. User can turn the message off.
4. The MOV video clips created by CitiDISK works just like FCP 4.5. However, the system setting should be identical, for example, SD in CitiDISK DV.

3. Is CitiDISK compatible with Macrosystem/Casablanca?
Yes. CitiDISK can QPlay and PlayAll the video clips back to Prestige system and Solitaire recognize it as an external hard disk.

4. Which file format to use for Matrox RTX100 or Pro( AVI2 or AVI1)?
For most of the Matrox system's product, standard AVI2 is well suitable than Matrox AVI1.

5. After installing the Firmware Uploader & follow the instructions to start the uploader, got the "Unable to open FWAPI" error message.
You would need to reboot your computer after installing the "CitiDISK Firmware Uploader".

6. My Final Cut Pro 5.1 does not import the M2T file!
Current firmware release does not support HDV in Quicktime format. User can find a freeware converter from " ", application name is "Mpeg Stream Clip" for both Mac and PC.

7. What is unit price of each capacity of CitiDISK HDV / HD unit, and what is the equivalent recording time? Where do I purchase the products?
Please check "Where to buy" button under or simply send us an e-Mail to

8. When there is new firmware posted, how to perform firmware update by myself?
Shining provides a "Firmware uploader" (PC Win2k recommended) only in the distribution CD or you can simply download it from our website. There is a descriptive document along with it, please read it first. From now on, CitiDISK DV/HDV/HD firmware will be posted in " ", "Download", "CitiDISK" section. However, user MUST read through the download instructions of "How to use FirmwareUploader" before performing such updates.

9. Is there a CitiDISK vs camera compatibility list?
Following is the growing camera compatibility list that manufacturer has tested. Although there are many cameras not listed, as long as the camera is Firewire( IEEE1394 ) MiniDV( DV25 ) standard, CitiDISK DV/HDV/HD would be compatible.

Canon --
GL1, GL2, XL1, XL1S, Z45, Z50, ZR80, ZR85, ZR90, Elura60, Elura65, Optura 20, 40, 300

JVC --
GY-DV 300, 5000, 5000U Pro-DV, JY-HD10U, GR-77, 97, GRD33, GRDV800

Sony --
DCR-HC30, HC20, PC-109, DCR-TRV20,
DSR-370/570WS,DSR-300A/500WS, DSR-250/DSR-PD150, 170/DSR-PD100A/DCR-VX2000, DCR-HC1000, HDV-FX1/Z1U

Panasonic --
PV-DV200, DV-300, AG-DVX-100

Sharp --

10. When switching to AVI2 file format, having trouble QPLAY the video clip or recording is not successful.
The hard disk access mode was not set the maximum. Here is how to change it:
1. Download the "CitiDISK DV firmware uploader" from " " and "How to use uploader" documentation. Install it and follow the instruction to invoke the uploader.
2. When the first screen comes up, select "Modify Device Setting", select "Advance" at the bottom right corner of the sub-menu.
3. You should have all of PIO's, all of "DMA's" and "UDMA" (rightest column) "0 to 4" checked. If not, check them and select "OK", "Upload" to re-configure the unit.
4. Wait till the uploader reports back "Ready", this process may take a few seconds.
5. Exit the uploader.
6. Eject the CitiDISK and turn off the power so as to allow new configuration to be effective.

11. Could I upgrade FW1256 to FW1256B & FW1256C by simply updating the firmware?
NO. Although all FW1256, FW1256B and FW1256C share the same enclosure, but the internal core logics are totally different.

12. How to change the video capturing file format?
There are two ways to change the file format:
1. See "Choose Video File Format" in "Quick Usage Guide" for details.
2. See "Updating CitiDISK firmware (Windows Only) section in "Appendix" of "BuiltInFWUserManual..." documents for details.

Note: Such function is provided not suitable for FW1256-xx( A type ) of CitiDISK DV.

13. Why pressing RECORD button on camcorder does not trigger CitiDISK to record (RED) ?
A few new cameras in the market like Panasonic DVX100 implements such "DV Control" feature which stop CitiDISK response to camcorder. Try to turn it OFF (if default is ON) or turn it ON (if default is OFF).

14. How do I attach CitiDISK to my camera?

15. How long is the delay from pressing RECORD on/off of camcorder till CitiDISK starts/stops?
Less than 90 ms, less than 3 frames delay.
Once the RED LED is on, the recording is in progress. Delay from RECORD OFF till CitiDISK stop recording is also minimum depends on camcorder implemenation, less than 60ms.
However, if user is taking intermittent footage, on/off the record of the camera many times to catch short segments, give about one to two seconds between each off and next on so as to allow CitiDISK maintain disk file system.

16. In the case of taking long footage, say one hour continuous, does the disk/device automatically break capture into 2GB files, or capture as one large file?
The CitiDISK will break into 2GB clip length. There is no loss of audio, no video drop frames between end of last clip and beginning of next clip.

17. Can the device be trigged to auto capture content from a tape within the same camera, when back in the studio, thereby freeing up a computer, for bulk capturing of tapes to hard disk files?
Yes. You can play back the content of tape and record into CitiDISK. In this case, it's not automatically turned on, user has to press the REC button on the unit.

18. What is the approx recharge time for a completely exhausted battery/unit?
Depends on the power source. Max. 4 hours.

19. What is the maximum capacity of hardisk included?
For CitiDISK, 160GB is the maximum hard disk capacity we can find in the market currently. (Sep. 2008) Good for about 560 minutes recording; however, the internal battery lasts for 90 minutes only. External battery input is also possible so as to record up to 270 minutes. (90 minutes internal battery and 3 hours external battery) Batteries can be changed during operation without stopping the recording process, because external battery is always charging internal battery first.

20. What are the differences among FW1256C, FW1256H, and FW1256D models?
Please visit the following link to see detailed comparison.

21. I have hooked up the Citidisk to my camcorder and attempted to record. Whether I push the camcorder "REC" button or the red button on the Citidisk, the red LED flashes, but never becomes solid. If I push the button again it stops flashing. When I then turn off the device, connect it to my computer, and turn it on again, there are no files showing up on the disk.
When the camcorder's REC button is pressed and CitiDISK REC LED flashes, it means CitiDISK is waiting for incoming signal from camera. Please advise your camcorder model.

Turn off the camcorder power only, wait for both RED, GREEN LED's of CitiDISK blinks, and then turn back on Camcorder power. Wait for both RED and GREEN LED become stable again. Now, you should be able to start recording now.

22. Choosing Video File Format
Please check CitiDISK Quick Usage Guide v20.pdf" in download section.

Note: "Movie Edit Pro", a PC based editing software, uses "MVD" as the editing list file format which CitiDISK does not support right now. However, AVI or MOV file formats are also supported by "Movie Edit Pro".

23. Had shot video in Canopus AVI2 file format, however, Windows media player nor Adobe Premiere are able to play the video.
There is a small "DVCODEC" downloadable from

" ". Excute this program. It allows Windows programs to decode Canopus AVI2 video clips.

24. Is Timecode information created?
If file format is set to QuickTime MOV format, a separate Timecode track is created. Final Cut Pro/Express is able to pick it up. However, you would find CitiDISK capturing a couple of seconds of video more at the beginning of each clip due to RECORD command is sent to CitiDISK unit before camcorder's tape ready. Timecode track feature is not added to AVI2 file format so far.

25. What's the file system used in CitiDISK?
FAT32 file system is what being used in CitiDISK due to cross platform requirement among various operating system, MacOS 9.x, X, Windows98/ME/Win2K/XP and Linux. NTFS used in NT/Win2K/WinXP, HFS/HFS+ in MacOS's and UNXFS in Linux are not supported.

26. What's the internal battery life cycle?
CitiDISK uses LithiumPolymer based rechargeable battery just like iPod. It sustains about 90 minutes continuous recording. After 300 discharge/charge cycles, battery will reduce to 80% of its initial capacity.

27. What's the spec's for external power input?
Manufacturer provides a wall-mount power adapter which takes 100-240 Volt AC and output +12V DC to CitiDISK unit. The CitiDISK external power input takes DC from +6V to +18V. So, any other DC power source like external battery (normally is +7.2V or +14.4V DC) can feed CitiDISK unit as auxiliary power source while internal battery is low.

28. Would it be possible to record two camera DV streams simutaneously?
NO. CitiDISK is designed to take only one DV stream from one camcorder at one time.

29. If connect CitiDISK and camcorder on the same Firewire repeater, would it still record?
As the time of this FAQ published, the answer is NO. It's possible and manufacturer will add in such feature later on.

30. Is AVID's OMF file format supported?
As the time of this FAQ published, NO.
User must import (not open) either AVI2 or MOV video files prior to editing.

31. What are the difference between RawDV, DV-AVI, AVI2 and Canopus AVI2?
RawDV video is 100% identical to what stored in the tape. Such format is used in iMovie, Quicktime, and a few standalone editing stations.

MOV or Quicktime movie format is primarily used by video editing softwares that run on Apple/Macintosh platforms like Final Cut Pro's.

DV-AVI or AVI type format is created about 10 years ago by Microsoft which wraps the "RawDV" with certain information headers. Such format is not used nowadays and is replaced by AVI type II (AVI2).

AVI2 is a newly developed AVI file format better than AVI1 plus additional audio data. Such format is widely adopted by all of the PC-based editing softwares.

Canopus AVI2 file format is almost the same as standard AVI2 described above, except it addresses certain Canopus editing software special features. Such format is not playable by regular Microsoft Media Player or any other third parties' editing software unliess it is noted particularly.

32. Can I edit the clips right off the CitiDISK?
YES. The CitiDISK acts just like an external Firewire Hard Disk to the computers (Mac, Windows or Linux). Each clip is a regular file with FAT32 file system addressing them. User is able to use it as regular hard disk for archive, backup, image purpose. User is also encourage to use third party hard disk utility to maintain the hard disk integrity.

Since it's a regular hard disk, user is able to store any data he/she wishes. However, please remember "Media" folder and "Project" file inside the "Movie" folder are reserved for video capturing use, user should refrain himself not to delete them or place un-related data to the "Movie", "Media" folders.

33. How to use "QuickErase" button?
Please consult "QuickUsageGuide" or "UserManual" for details. User should remember that all of the data inside "Media" folder will be erased if "QuickErase" function invoked. However, any other data not in "Media" would not be touched.

34. Sony DSR-570 DVCAM camcorder compatibility
Current CitiDISK models do support 16:9 or 4:3 DVCam setting. For example, if CitiDISK unit is set to QuickTime MOV file format, every video clips are stored as they are supposed to be as NTSC (3:2) and PAL (5:4). In our lab. test, capturing video either from REC button on SONY 570 or CitiDISK unit, both work well. To prevent video rendering in Final Cut Pro once those clips are drag-n-drop into timeline, set "Sequence" "Setting" to NTSC (3:2) or PAL (5:4); otherwise, a RED line would appear on top of the video clip.

35. Why every clips showing year of 2099 in computer folder?
CitiDISK extracts the YMD (year, month, day) and HMS (hour, minute, second) from the camera and translate into computer domain. Unfortunately, computer takes last two digit of the year only; if your camera is set at year of 1999 and year now is over 2000, definetly, you would have all of the clips with year of 2099. One way to solve it is to set the camera to correct time and date.

36. Do I have to import the video file (set to QuickTime MOV) in FCP?
NO. Just drag-n-drop the video clips (extension is MOV) into FCP's timeline. "Import" means file conversion although clips are set as "QuickTime" already.

37. Video/audio playback in Adobe Premiere 6.0 is stuttering.
Here is the "known bug" fixes from " ".

The Adobe Premiere 6.02 update provides fixes to known issues in Premiere. Please note that this update is still in beta. You should not install this update unless you are experiencing any of the specific problems listed below.

Summary of changes:
- Corrects stuttering playback problem. Fixes problems with stuttering playback on systems that meet the minimum system requirements.
- Corrects fast DV playback problem. Some customers are experiencing problems with the video output from Premiere speeding up on playback.
- This update includes all the fixes from the 6.01 update.
- File name is "".

38. How to play Canopus video clips without using the software from Canopus?
Yes. There is a way. Go to " " website and download the "dvcodec.exe", run it to extract the contents, and run "Setup" to add in Canopus DVCodec support for non-Canopus video editing/playing softwares. This "dvcode.exe" works for Win98/2k and XP.

39. Do I have to install driver for MacOSX?
NO. There is no driver you would need to install for OSX driver, CitiDISK will appear as one FAT32 volume (DV Disk). Additionally, there is no need to partition and format the unit since it's pre-formatted by manufacturer.

40. Video played it in Quicktime straight from the disk, the video would jump, then slow and stay on a frame for a bit then speed up.
Since DV itself is compressed data, all of the video clip captured in CitiDISK is now considered as a "FILE" not a video stream any more.
So for every application access such file, although it really depends on how the application is written, most case, it will try to bring in the whole content just to understand the how are the contents organized (often called Metadata), not necessarily it will bring in the real data. DV in MOV (QT) contains the DV (video interleaved with audio) and a duplicated 2-channel audio data. Presumably the duplicate audio channels must be cached in the memory as much as possible as well as video data. CPU then decode the video+audio data and put them on the screen. One way to resolve it, is to have big & fast memory (like 1G & DDR2). This cache memory works like a buffer while one end to consume the data and the other end to read in more data from hard disk. Additionally, not to adjust the output screen to an arbitrary screen size will also help. DV is 720x480 30 frames in NTSC world, set the display screen size to full, 1/2 or 1/4 will ease graphic processor (CPU) to re-map full-screen data into odd size screen size. If the problem happens in certain part of stream, like every other 10 seconds etc.., that would be the problem described above.

41. What are the meaning of each lights?
POWER Button and Status Light:
Solid GREEN: unit is on and ready
Blinking GREEN: 5 minutes power left in the internal battery

RECORD Button & Status Light:
Solid RED: Recording
Blinking RED: 5 minutes left in recording capacity or not connected

QPlay Button and Status Light:
Solid ORANGE: Playing last captured clip

PlayAll Button and Status Light:
Blinking ORANGE: Playing all captured clips from last scene forward or backward

HDD Low: small light in between RED and ORANGE lights
Solid RED when hard disk recording capacity is below 50%

Internal Battery Charging Light:
Bright BLUE: Charging
Dim BLUE: Charging almost complete
Off: Charge complete or disk accessing

RED, ORANGE & GREEN all blinking at the same time: the CitiDISK is not connected to camera or computer -->
1. no signal from FireWire detected
2. if the CitiDISK is connected to computer, try to reboot or change different FireWire port, or too many external devices connected to the computer
3. possible FireWire port burned out if connect to computer
4. required three objects( "Movie" folder and "Media" folder in "Movie" and "Project" text file in "Movie" folder ) missing

GREEN light blinking while the CitiDISK is connected to computer --> Either the file system in the CitiDISK is not FAT32 or "Movie", "Media", "Project" three objects missing, possibilly removed accidentally. Please consult the manual in terms of how to re-format the HDD and bring them back in PC/XP or MacX.

42. What kind of native editing software file format support from CitiDISK HD?
CitiDISK HD supports Quicktime (MOV) for Final Cut Pro user and supports Matrox Axio + Adobe Premier 2.0 and Canopus Edius4.

43. A RawDV DVCProHD video clip is not playable in QT7!
Our lab. shows the same result. The DVCProHD RawDV clip is treated as DVCPro clip, certainly, a scrambled video clip. We believe it is the QT7 problem cause if a DVCProHD video is recorded in MOV format, QT7 and FCP are able to play it back correctly.

44. I connected CitiDisk to my camera and green CitiDisk button is solid on. But after recording (indicated by the red REC button) there are no clips at the HDD. Made I anything wrong?
Probably you connected the CitiDisk before to your PC/Mac. Either you did not unmount the HDD or you did not wait until the blue operation light on top of Citidisk stopped flashing. This is important because CitiDisk is changing during unmounting from PC to camera mode.

To be able to record again directly from your camera, please connect CitiDisk to your PC/Mac again and unmount it in the above described way. Than it should record again.