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Compatible Editing Software

Below are some popular editing softwares compatible with Shining's CitiDISK series, based on HDV Editing Software and DVPRO HD Editing Software.



Windows Media Player 10 M2T          
HDV Editing Software Native File Format       DVCPRO HD Editing Software Native File Format
Adobe Premier Pro CS3 M2T       Adobe Premier CS3 + CODEC Plugin AVI2
Apple FCP 6.x MOV, M2T (2)       Apple FCP 6.x MOV
Avid Express Pro M2T       Avid Express Pro RAW DV, MOV
Canopus Edius 4.0 M2T       Canopus Edius 4.0 MOV, CAVI2
Casablanca M2T       Matrox Axio HD + Premier CS3 MAVI2
CineForm HD M2T       Sony Vegas 7.0 AVI2
IMovie HD MOV (1)          
Matrox Axio M2T          
Pinnacle Liquid Edition M2T          
Sony Vegas 6.0 M2T          
Ulead Media Studio Pro 7 M2T          

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