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Accessory Packs

Why having a HOT SHOE adapter & BT21865 battery pack?

Having a CitiDISK HDV/HD to directly record the HD/HDV/DV footage simultaneously to the tape is an excellent idea. It eliminates the inefficient, time-consuming process to re-capture footage to the computer before editing. However, CitiDISK HD/HDV internal battery supports up to one and half hours recording time only, which is not enough for long hours recording.

Hot Shoe Adapter in combination with BT21865 answer to this need. This Hot shoe adapter fits one CitiDISK HDV or one CitiDISK HD entirely; includes with CitiDISK the whole unit is secured on top of camera's Hot shoe and with BT21865 pigged back on the Hot Shoe. The Hot Shoe fits easily with all of the camera either is professional-level or consumer-level. Especially with its lightweight, strong plastic material, to hold and to sustain the dynamic vibration in the real world, it's fully transparent to whatever your shooting style may be.

Benefits of HOT SHOE adapter

Mounted on top of camera's Hot shoe and return one Hot shoe on top

  • The HOT SHOE adapter includes with one CitiDISK HD/HDV unit slide into camera's Hot shoe and secured by the rotating wheel.
  • One Hot shoe is returned for piggyback BT21865.

Sturdy case and lightweight

  • The case is made of hard plastic material; it's sturdy as well lightweight.

Benefits of BT21865 battery pack

Extends CitiDISK HDV or HD operating time with essentially non-stop shooting

  • Exchange the external battery while it's near depleted, CitiDISK HDV or HD internal battery automatically switches on without stopping recording. After the external battery is fully charged again, put back the external battery and CitiDISK HDV/HD internal battery switched off.

Rechargeable Lithium battery, fixed output voltage and flash light

  • The BT21865 battery pack is designed to charge by using the same power adapter for CitiDISK HDV / HD; and the output voltage is fixed at +7.2V that is well suitable for CitiDISK HDV / HD.
  • While you are in the dark and need to try to get the reading from camera, turning on the flashlight.

TEST the battery status